Workpackage 1

The project will launch with implementation of one of its main objectives of capacity building for the three levels of university management: top-administration, deans and chairs, office of academic affairs and registrar. A working group (WG) will be set up to develop three training packages for the three levels of HEI management to ensure coherency, dovetailing and value added in developments and avoidance of overlaps. It will include both Armenian, EU partners, the invited expert and will first explore the specific capacity building needs, develop learning outcomes for the training and the training packages.

The training of (1) top-administration, (2) deans and chairs, (3) office of academic affairs and registrar will be conducted in WUS, CESIE and KHL respectively, with the following topics: how to establish and run a state-of-the-arts university management system, to run structural and regulatory changes to promote effectiveness, approaches to day-to-day practical management and the like.

Training 2 will target the chairs and deans with regards to developing new approaches to programme management while training 3 will target the office of academic affairs and registrar with regards to organization and administration of the activities aimed at facilitation of student mobility in general and new programmes in particular.

Pre- and post-training evaluations will be carried out by ANQA, responsible for WP 6, to check for the effectiveness of the trainings. To ensure broader capacity building at institutional level, the trained members of different levels of management will conduct in-house training for 40 staff members at each HEI.

Within WP 1 procurement of necessary equipment will be undertaken: computers and laptops for the offices of academic affairs and registrar, software to manage day-to-day activities of the academic affairs and registrar (student portal and student affairs information management system). The lead partner is WUS.