Workpackage 2

A general working group (GWG) will be set up with participation of HEIs, MoES, EU partners and students under the guidance of the invited expert, Ulrich Schmidt, who is an experienced Bologna expert and has rich background of establishing legal frameworks in line with Bologna action lines. The GWG will conduct a thorough fact-finding of the existing legal and regulatory frameworks against the Bologna action lines and drawing on the facts impeding its implementation in general and student-centered education in particular will lead development of new/review of existing regulations at curricula level, ECTS operationalization and other regulatory frameworks.

GWG will be leading commissions at each PC university, which will be charged with actual revision/development. The 11 commissions will include students, teachers, staff of academic affairs and registrar and will conduct actual review of the approaches to curricula design, structure and implementation to enable student-centred approach in general, student mobility and mutual recognition in particular. This will include revision of the approaches to ECTS allocation and operationalization to have it serve its two roles (transfer and accumulation) and to enable student mobility: domestic and international.

Based on the developed/revised approaches to HEIs and academic process management, necessary adjustments in the legal framework at system level will be promoted by the GWG under the lead of the MoES. The regulatory frameworks will be adopted by the respective Academic Councils and Governing Bodies of HEIS. The outcomes and outputs of the developments will feed into Guidelines on Curricula Design, Structure, Implementation and operationalization of student-centered teaching and learning in line with Bologna action lines. The lead partner is BSU to coordinate and produce a report on WP achievements.