Workpackage 3

The WP will start with setting up a working group to revise the approaches to governance and management. For the group to yield effective results 2 workshops with participation of EU partners and invited expert will be conducted. The 2 workshops will take place at YSMU and ASUE and the topic for the 1st workshop will be on strategic management and structural management and the 2nd workshop will be on financial and human resource management that best fit the strategy of each HEI.

Each workshop will last three days and the HEIs will revise the existing structures, develop functions for each administrative unit, job responsibilities, revise administrative, subordination and collaboration structures to meet the major strategic directions, the mission and the vision of the HEIs. A study tour to respective EU HEIs (KHLeuven, BSU, UKOLD) will provide for a first-hand exposure and deeper understanding of the role and functions of different administrative units intended to promote the strategies of HEIs.

A specific attention will be paid to the budget and human resource management, which is currently underestimated. For each line of development: strategic, structural, budget and human resource management necessary policies and procedures will be developed thus building on the achievements in the previous Tempus projects (DIUS, PICQA). Next, the working group will revise the approaches to budget management and will develop revenue models, budget allocation and management that best fit each HEI needs. The outputs of the WP will feed into the guidelines for state-of-the-art HEI management.

Further, to promote synergy between the Tempus projects and avoid overlaps with close topics (ATHENA-530465 and La MANCHE-530621) inter-project coaching will be organized.
The lead partner for the WP is CESIE.