Workpackage 5

A web site will be developed to constantly update the stakeholders on the project achievements. It will have an interactive platform for promoting a dialogue on state-of-the-arts HEI management.

Next, 2 brochures on the project achievements and 2 guidelines to HEI management in line with the Bologna action lines will be published. The outcomes and outputs of the developments within WP2 will feed into first Guidelines on Curricula Design, Structure, Implementation and Operationalization of Student-Centered Teaching and Learning in line with Bologna action lines. The outputs of the WP 3 will feed into the second Guidelines for state-of-the-art HEI management. Both the brochures and the Guidelines will be published in Armenian and English (each in 100 copies: 50 copies in English and 50 copies in Armenian) making it 400 copies of publications in total for presentation purposes. The soft version of the guidelines and brochures will be uploaded on the project web site for wider dissemination purposes.

Another aim of the project is to address fragmentation of the system. Thus, to ensure a change dialogue between the different stakeholders a 1 ½ -day system-wide conference to disseminate the results (250 participants) will be organized in Yerevan. HEI representatives from the whole system, student unions, students that participated in training, MoES, ANQA as well as national and international experts will present their reflections on the developments and project achievements.

News releases in the local media, TV and radio, as well as a talk show on project achievements for a broader involvement of society at large will be undertaken. Next biannual e-newsletters will be disseminated through list-serves to upkeep the system-wide public on the project developments and achievements. Another dissemination channel is trainings, workshops, in-house trainings, which will, in average bring in 200 people to become multipliers. YSMU is the lead partner for the WP.