Workpackage 6

To ensure a smooth flow of the project and solutions of the issues that arise at the right time a detailed quality control and monitoring plan and respective tools will be developed.

ANQA, the lead partner for this WP, after each training and workshop will conduct pre- and post-event surveys to check the effect of the activities. Further, the grantholder along with the respective WP leader and ANQA together with EQ representative will conduct biannual monitoring of the project implementation and produce a annual reports. After each visit to HEIs the grantholder will produce a reflection report for the HEIs to follow up on improvements. The annual reports will reflect both on the finding, follow up recommendations and respective activities for improvement.

To have an overview of the project objectives achievement a project-wide audit targeting the financial and day-to-day management of the project will be undertaken by the grantholder with invitation of EU peers and an independent financial audit.

Drawing on the reports per WP, annual monitoring reports, and ANQA reports per event, YSAFA along with ANQA will develop an intermediate and final reports to be produced to EACEA. The reports will evolve around stating the achievement of the objectives set and proper maintenance of the documentation/track records of activities and the like. Prior to submission of the reports to EACEA it will be circulated among the PGB members for feedback and approval.