Workpackage 7

To ensure the developments and achievements within the frames of the project are embedded in the HEIs’ life and are in place after the project’s lifetime, an aggressive sustainability policy has been envisioned, the one that fixes all the development and achievements at RA HE system and institutional levels. MoES will be lead partner in the WP.

First the changes at legal and regulatory levels will be fixed at both institutional and national levels. Thus, to ensure the universities follow the developments the new approaches to strategic, structural, financial, human resource and academic affairs management respective Academic Councils and Governing Boards will adopt the developed policies and procedures. At national level a draft recommendation to the MoES will be submitted. Since the developments are made with the active participation of MoES it strengthens the sustainability potential of the project achievements. Thus, the Republic of Armenia legal framework will be adjusted drawing on the recommendations close to the end of the project second year.

Another sustainability element is evaluation of the newly developed strategies, structures, policies and procedures against the ASIIN&ANQA standards and further refinement, which will in its turn ensure legitimacy of the developments, thus acceptability at national and international levels and sustainability.