Workpackage 8

The project kick off meeting will be organized at YSAFA. During the kick off meeting the Project Governing Board (PGB) will be established to include all the consortium members and take care of the strategic issues and decision-making. The PGB will be presided by the Rector of the YSAFA and include all the rectors of HEIs, MoES, ANQA, RUEA, ANSA and EU partners to ensure top-management active involvement in the project and its sustainability.

To ensure an accurate, efficient and effective management on daily basis a project executive committee (PEC) of four, which will include an ANQA partner and EU representative with rich experience in Tempus project management, will be formed at YSAFA. The PEC will be responsible for financial, operational and day-to-day management and keeping all the track records of project activities.

To ensure active involvement of all the partners each WP will be assigned to a partner.

To ensure active communication within the consortium a series of activities will be undertaken. Local Governing Committees (LGC) established at each HEI will take care of overall operational and day-to-day management at HEIs. Coordination meetings at the launch of each WP will be undertaken to bring together LGCs and discuss organizational matters. Regular e-communication tools will be used to constantly keep communication between the partners alive and the project management effective and efficient. YSAFA, in close cooperate with ANQA, will ensure financial coordination. Both are highly experienced in preparing, coordinating and administering Tempus, World Bank, Erasmus Mundus, OSI projects and the like.